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Being a woman business owner can be isolating. Many societal and cultural factors affect your ability to build and operate your business. Matters related to financing the business, selecting new strategic directions, finding "right-fit" employees, marketing and sales, finding work/life balance and myriad other pressures make running a woman-owned business very demanding. These are matters that you seldom want to (or can) discuss with your direct reports or your spouse.

Historically, entrepreneurship has been dominated by men. However, in today's demanding business environment, women are increasingly becoming forces to reckon with. They bring competitiveness, toughness, drive and vision. Studies show that women business owners contribute significantly to the economy. And the number of woman owned businesses is has grown significantly in the last 10 years.

While there are many small woman owned businesses (under $200K), women business owners find it challenging to break through barriers of $200-500K and $1 million in revenues. Studies have shown that this is due to having to shift from owner to executive roles and delegating more responsibility and authority to others. And, studies have shown that women business owners who get advice and counseling on how to run their businesses, are 4 times (4x) as likely to succeed as those who do not.

In starting, building and growing a business, the learning that one must do is broad and deep. No one is a master of it all. Having access to a network of other women business owners who focus with you on your challenges as a woman who owns a business gives you very powerful support and ideas in moving through these challenges.

Is This You?

  • Your business growth has stalled and you want to grow or scale to the next business stage.
  • You aspire to take your business in a new direction but are unsure of how to do that.
  • You seek answers to questions: “What’s next?” "Where to from here?" "What do I do now?"
  • You want good business advice but are not sure where to turn for help.
  • You're ready to hear new ideas that you can implement, and you need a good source of such ideas.
  • You want successful women’s perspectives about meeting the challenges of being a women business owner.
  • You need a cost-effective way to get needed advice and support.
  • You would like to connect with a third party to get an unbiased perspective.
  • You want to know what your peers are doing to be successful.
  • You face difficulty making staffing adjustments in your company.
  • You seek accountability for actions and results tied to a plan.
  • You require an exit strategy for your business.
  • You find that it's lonely at the top and you want to talk with people who “know your pain.”


Benefits of EnspireCEO

Coridium Advisors’ EnspireCEO boards are the epitome of idea exchange and support for business decision making. An EnspireCEO advisory board

  • Gives you an advisory board composed of other women business owners who have been there and done it.
  • Helps bring real and deep understanding of the issues and challenges you face.
  • Offers an invaluable—and cost-effective--group who knows your challenges, to whom you can bring your ideas, questions, plans and challenges.
  • Brings together decades of experience and knowledge that create the “library of knowledge” you need to build and run your business.

And, as you grow, the knowledge you need changes. Continuous learning is required.

Who We Work With

We work with women business owners who are willing to commit to do what it takes to be successful. We require this commitment because we know that we can be successful only with clients who are willing to be responsible for working toward that success as well. You are likely to be successful working with us if you are willing to

  • Challenge yourself and your teams to invest in what it takes to move toward stretch goals.
  • Hear what others in your board have to say--and test the ideas and evaluate the results.
  • Share your own challenges and ideas with others.
  • Commit to moving up and out toward the next level of business performance


How We Work

Coridium Advisors’ EnspireCEO boards comprise six to eight women business owners who act as each others’ board of directors. To ensure that the these boards are mutually beneficial for everyone involved, members are selected based on the size, type and complexity of the business as well as their breadth and depth of experience. An EnspireCEO board never includes any direct competitors, major suppliers or customers of your business. Joint vetting of all new members assures this. Your circle includes these services:

  • Monthly board meetings of about 4 hours each where you and your circle share insight on addressing challenges, resolving issues and critiquing business strategies and tactics
  • One-on-one coaching with one or both facilitators, providing additional insights and exacting accountability for agreements reached with your circle and the coaches
  • As needed telephone and e-mail support when you have questions or need support
  • Annual business strategy document built through a structured strategic planning process


As you learn about the challenges of fellow members’ businesses, you’ll view things from a broader perspective and avoid mistakes by learning how others faced and solved the same problems. Confidential, frank discussions with people who have nothing to gain by telling you what they think--and no reason to hold back from being honest--will help you determine what you need to do to refine your business approach to achieve the success you are striving for.

At EnspireCEO board meetings, members discuss their opportunities and problems in a relaxed, confidential atmosphere free from outside interruptions.To maximize meeting effectiveness, all board meetings are facilitated by an experienced facilitator with business experience. Members, with the facilitator, focus on real world solutions--not theories. The board gives practical advice based on members' collective knowledge, typically drawing on 50 to 150 combined years of business and management experience. Together, EnspireCEO board members work to create, implement, adjust and stay on track to achieve personal and business success goals.

What to Do

To learn more about Coridium EnspireCEO - Women Excelerating, write to us. Or, if you’d like to read about the value of advisory boards, check out the following case studies of our work with women business owners.


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