Gov't Contract Advisory Services

The federal government spends billions each year purchasing services and products from thousands of companies, in a market that is huge and rich with opportunities. However, competing for and winning government business is often very challenging. It requires (as a start) specialized knowledge about the government contracting process, knowledge of what is being procured and by whom, the ability to write winning proposals and prepare competitive cost proposals, and knowledge of the competitive landscape. And, once business is won, the oversight and reporting requirements can be substantial.

Many companies find that these requirements can make doing business with the government costly—to the point of not being worthwhile. Done well, though, government contracts can contribute significantly to your revenue mix and make your business more stable in economically uncertain times.

Is This You?

  • Failing to prepare for what happens after the protective time period for government set-aside programs (e.g., 8a, SDVOSB, Women Owned) limited your options and raised the risk of failure.
    Most successful medium-sized businesses use the knowledge and talent of experienced advisors to plan for the eventuality of losing the protection of government set-aside programs.
  • After winning a government contract, the requirements for complying with regulations for accounting, reporting and management systems have become burdensome, in terms of time and money. 
    Working with advisors who have “been there and done that” can help companies prepare systems, processes and tools for answering government contracting requirements and diminish the likelihood of being deemed non-compliant.
  • Your location outside the Washington, D.C. area makes it very difficult to compete successfully for government contracts because of the lack of ready access to information on potential partners and government decision makers.
    A proven way to establish a strong presence in the government marketplace is to find successful business teaming partners to collaborate with to win business.


Who We Work With

Coridium Advisors and its partner Infused Solutions work with business owners and leaders and their lead business development professionals (VP level) who are strongly committed to building a business based on government contracts or adding this business to their revenue mix.  We require this senior level of commitment because we know that we succeed only with clients who are responsible and accountable for being successful and who have the authority to make the needed investment of time, money and human resources. In working with us, your company is likely to be successful if you are willing to

  • Challenge yourselves and your teams to bring this type of business into the revenue mix.
  • Invest time, money and human resources to integrate government contracts into your business.
  • Have a time horizon long enough to endure the seemingly inevitable delays of government contracting decisions.
  • Take a learning approach to gleaning knowledge from wins and losses as you compete for government business.
  • Partner with other companies to increase the likelihood of winning and to gain the experience necessary to compete in the future.


Benefits of Government Contract Advisory Services

Coridium Advisors and its partner Infused Solutions have the years of knowledge and blend of experience in the federal market that you and your teams can draw on to increase the likelihood of successfully competing for, winning and managing federal contracts. Through our Government Contract Advisory Services, you will

  • Make rapid progress through learning and applying that learning to opportunities you pursue.  
  • Work with experienced professionals who have won government contracts and built strong, well-managed businesses.
  • Follow a structured program of training, discussion, learning and applying to your business.
  • Acquire knowledge at a pace that you can absorb and apply effectively in your business.
  • Share ideas, experience and techniques with others on the journey toward adding government contracts to the revenue mix.
  • Gain access to thinking about and experience in leveraging the protection of set-aside status.
  • Accelerate your business growth results beyond the expected.
  • Increase the likelihood you will succeed in the arcane world of government contracting.


GCAS: How It Works

Coridium Advisors’ Government Contract Advisory Services (GCAS) provides you with access to experienced business owners who have successfully developed large revenue streams from government contracts. These professionals have also successfully navigated the transition from the protection of government set-aside programs to success as mid-sized government contractors. Learning from those who have learned the hard way how to get it right and be strong competitors in the federal marketplace makes your journey more efficient and effective. GCAS consists of several building blocks in a subscription-based program that provides the results you seek:

  • A year-long series of one- to two-day monthly education sessions at which business owners come together to learn from each other and from the experienced and successful government contractor instructors and coaches who teach the material
  • Training and education materials, templates, checklists and examples
  • Advisory Board meetings before or after the monthly sessions with non-competing business owners on the same journey where you share challenges and insights on how to build and run this part of your business
  • Option to hold one or more informal meetings per month with your Collaborator Group of three to five program participants
  • A progress report sent to the instructors/coaches each month, logging progress and sharing the challenges of implementing the program
  • Access to a library of examples, tools, templates and checklists
  • E-mail and phone access to instructors and coaches 


What to Do

To learn more about Coridium Advisors’ Government Contract Advisory Services offering, contact us. Or to read about the value of our service to business owners like yourself, check out the following case studies of our work.

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