Activity Value Management(TM)


At various stages of growth and development, every company or organization encounters challenges and barriers to performance, profitability, and productivity. 

For a host of reasons some organizations get stuck—unable to grow or maintain a leadership position in a competitive market:

  • Drivers of profits and losses are not well understood
  • Margins are slipping despite increased revenue
  • Investing in hiring and advanced systems isn’t improving production, service performance, or customer satisfaction
  • High demand is outpacing capacity, resulting in longer lead times and customer dissatisfaction

 When executives look to in-house teams to address these challenges, these teams often lack the requisite depth of experience to diagnose problems across a business or product lines. And, teams often are constrained and made less effective by organizational and business dynamics (competing demands for resources, changing priorities, politics).

Is This You?

Are you struggling with addressing and adapting to these types of challenges?

  • Changes in the business environment due to economic downturns, loss of market share, product/service ma­turity, merg­ers and acquisitions, deregulation, etc., that affect performance.
  • Growing costs without a similar growth in revenues.
  • Increased demands for performance accompanied by budgetary or resource constraints.
  • Revisions to strategies that need redeployment of effort towards more mission-critical practices.
  • Lack of knowledge regarding the true cost and profitability of products, services, and market channels.
  • Declines in employee engagement and/or customer loyalty affecting competitive perfor­mance.
  • Overlap, duplication, and non-mission-critical effort expended on activities across functional bounda­ries, generating excessive and unneces­sary costs.
  • Challenges related to risk management and/or compliance (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley) with respect to identify­ing, measuring, and establishing necessary con­trols pertaining to critical processes and activities.
  • When you need to grow the business but cannot afford to do so.
  • Desire to establish or maintain a leadership position in a highly competitive market.
  • In Colorado Market: We can’t find or hire enough of the right resources needed to meet demand for our products and/or services

 Who We Work With

We work with CFO's, COO's and CEO's who want to get their arms around and understand how well their product lines and processes are REALLY performing, not guessing or relying on generalized models of their operations. We look at all areas of the business operations and combine a deeply analytic approach combined with capturing qualitative data from employees, customers and managers to provide a complete picture of performance. Often times we find the CXO has the answers to vexing problems already at hand in these stakeholders.

How We Work

TSG brings over 100+ years of combined management and consulting experience serving a wide array of clients. We leverage our comprehensive proprietary diagnostic tools and processes that:

  • Emphasizes quantifiable ROI and accountability
  • Provides custom-built solutions, not standard templates
  • Gets it right the first time: Turnkey, one-time project implementation
  • Partners with clients at every step of the process

What to Do

Want more information? Take a look at our case studies to learn more about how we successfully worked with companies to mprove their performance.

For more information on deciding whether Activity Value Management  is right for you and your organization, contact us for a free one-hour consultation.


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