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It takes assertive leadership and a clear, robust vision to manage any company and grow it through times of uncertainty. High energy and passion for the business are critical but often are not enough. Successful leadership in today’s economic climate demands that you be willing to decide where to go and how to get there, and take action to do so in the face of uncertainty. Not every leader, however, has developed all of the required skills, knowledge or experience to take their company or team to the next level.

Is This You?

  • Although you have high expectations of your management team, unknown aspects of their approach, experience and abilities affect the overall performance of your team and the organization—positively and negatively.
    Knowing your leaders’ strengths and weaknesses can give senior management insights necessary to place, support, promote and develop organization leaders.
  • Leadership failures are having profound impacts on your organization’s performance. 
    Poor leadership holds companies back and can ultimately destroy them. When you invest in developing leaders so that they are able to serve the competing and often conflicting interests of employees, management, suppliers, financial institutions and the community can directly affect the bottom line and market competitiveness.
  • In a down economy, leadership development programs are an extra that can easily be cut from your corporate budget. 
    Studies have shown how leaders' level of emotional intelligence directly affects their teams’ performance. Developing leaders who are emotionally resilient and capable of leading in strategy, relationships, community and self can be the best investment an organization makes to ensure its ongoing success.


Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Coridium Advisors’ coaches work with you and your leaders—and your high-potential (but not yet) leaders—in a structured and focused manner. We aim to improve the level of emotional intelligence (EQ) in your leaders and elevate their level of performance—and thereby, the performance of the teams they lead. We

  • Clearly identify areas of strength and weakness to target for leveraged improvements.
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of how others perceive leaders and how their style affects others’ performance.
  • Define a clear path for improvement and higher emotional intelligence (EQ).
  • Get coaching to help leaders remain accountable for improving their leadership abilities.
  • Improve team performance with more balanced leaders.


Who We Work With

We work with leaders and potential leaders who have a strong desire and commitment to improve their leadership abilities. We require this commitment because we know that we can be successful only with clients who are willing to be responsible for working toward that success as well. You are likely to be successful working with us if you are willing to

  • Look honestly at yourself and seek knowledge about what it will take to improve your leadership abilities.
  • Hear what others in your world have to say about how your style and behaviors impact them and their performance.
  • Invest yourself in the work of  challenging yourself to become more capable as leader.
  • Continually assess your results and make changes necessary to achieve improvements you seeek.


How We Work

When working with clients who need to develop their leaders and teams, Coridium Advisors assesses key players (leaders, managers, team members) and determines how they communicate and how they lead. We rely on two key assessment instruments: DISC™ and Tilt360™.

DISC™ addresses how individuals approach challenges and how they prefer to communicate. DISC has been used extensively for over 50 years and has proven very helpful in garnering insight into individuals and teams. Individuals assess their own style.

Tilt360™ helps leaders understand how they are percieved by their subordinates, peers and supervisors. Tilt360™ is based on extensive studies showing that as a leader's emotional intelligence (EQ) rises, the EQ of his/her team and—subsequently—the team's performance improves. Tilt360™ complements DISC™. Leaders assess themselves and compare their perceptions with those of the people they lead. With this information, coaching and advising can be tailored at areas needing improvement for the leader.

Our approach to coaching and advising consists of six steps:

  1. Conduct initial interviews with a leader’s manager to understand the current situation and desired outcomes; also interview each leader to set the stage for how the leader will be assessed.
  2. Assess the leader using either DISC or Tilt360 or a combination of proven assessment instruments.
  3. Review the report with the leader and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Map out a coaching plan (and get signoff from management).
  5. Execute the coaching program with the leader.
  6.  If desired, for Tilt 360, assess changes in the leader’s style at end of coaching period


What to Do

Want more information? Take a look at these case studies to learn more about how we successfully worked with leaders to improve their performance:

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For more information on deciding whether a Leadership Assessment is right for you or key members of your team, contact us for a free one-hour consultation.


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