Executive Business Coaching

Leaders, managers and business owners often wonder if they are being as effective as they would like to be. Discussing effectiveness with subordinates or significant others is often not possible or not productive. You need ideas and a sounding board. Good leaders and managers get great value from this type of trusted advisor relationship. An executive coach can meet this need—listening, asking excellent questions, offering experienced-based perspectives, and holding you accountable for the decisions and actions you agree to take.

Is This You?

  • Although you seem to be doing well as a manager, you recognize that you and your team could benefit if you had coaching in your toolkit. 
    A manager’s job demands continuous learning about how to remain effective; adding coaching skills to your toolkit can improve your and your team’s effectiveness.
  • You recognize that you are getting in your own way, struggling in your leadership role. You want a sounding board and honest feedback on what and how you are doing as you navigate your world and develop competency. 
    A leadership role can be isolating at times. Having someone in your corner who can listen to you and offer other perspectives and support as you navigate your role can help ease the burden of leadership and provide you with new insights and means to deal with your challenges.
  • You are frustrated: by higher than expected staff turnover, one or more troublesome employees, low productivity, or failed change efforts. 
    Working with a coach can help you uncover things you or others do that contribute to these situations. A coach can supply ideas and perspectives that can help you create workable solutions.
  • You are leading change efforts and recognize that you need an outside perspective to make your efforts more effective. 
    Changing how an individual, a team or an organization behaves demands as much from the change leader as it does from those asked to incorporate new ways to do and behave—perhaps more. A coach can help you determine what you might do to navigate these challenges.
  •  You navigate challenging and complex environments but would like to do so more effectively, for better business outcomes. 
    Elevating leaders’ emotional intelligence (EQ) has been shown to improve team performance. Working with a coach who focuses you on improving your EQ can directly lead to positive changes in your performance, and your team’s.
  •  In a down economy, coaching services seem like an extra that you can easily cut from the corporate budget. 
    Coaching services can be the best investment a corporation can make—and a hedge against a down economy.


Benefits of Executive Coaching

Almost all leaders and managers arrive at a point where they need the support and guidance of a coach who listens and challenges their thinking. Properly applied, coaching acts as a catalyst to help address many challenges:

  • Find solutions to issues that block performance, so that performance improves.
  • Change behaviors, so the executive communicates better and engages with teams more productively.
  • For executives or managers who have had critical skills training, integrate the learning and make it more accessible and available.
  • Clarify directions and goals in situations where an executive is uncertain about options or unclear about the impact of decision.
  • Build action plans and provide accountability for decisions and agreements reached during coaching.
  • Engender trust in relationships where interpersonal issues may hamper executives and those they lead, manage or works with.
  •  Improve emotional intelligence (EQ), an outcome with benefits for those whom the executive manages.

Unlike any other sort of organizational development activity, coaching taps into individuals’ values, vision and personal aims to identify ways to improve their performance and, by association, their team’s performance. The improvements are often deep and long lasting, tapping into and releasing more of the individuals’ potential.

Who We Work With

We work with leaders, managers, executives and business owners who are willing to do what it takes to improve how they function in order to be more successful.  We require this commitment because we can only be successful coaching clients who are willing to

  •  Look to themselves and take on the challenge of assessing their assumptions, beliefs and behaviors, and how these may inhibit their and their teams’ forward motion.
  • Improve their ability to deal with the challenges they face day to day in managing themselves and their teams.
  • Recognize the value of outside perspective and accountability for their decisions and actions.
  • Be accountable for their decisions and agreements to address what they uncover in coaching sessions


How We Work

Each client is unique, so we tailor our coaching offering to meet the demands of each client. We find that the following framework is a good model from which to tailor a program that will produce results you desire:

  • Establish an up-front contract that lays out the challenges to be addressed, the relationship of the coach and the coachee, and rules for working together. We strongly recommend a program that is three, six or nine months in duration.
  • Assess the coachee to understand his or her communication style. We typically use DISC™. If coaching a high-potential manager, we may also recommend Tilt360™.
  • Meet face to face at least twice a month. We can conduct coaching sessions over the phone; however, we suggest a minimum one face-to-face meeting each month.
  • Use telephone and e-mail contacts as needed to answer questions or provide support.
  • Monitor accountability for the decisions and actions agreed to at the conclusion of each coaching session


What To Do

To learn more about Coridium Advisors’ Executive Coaching, contact us. Or, if you’d like to read about the value of coaching, check out the following case studies of our work with executives and leaders.

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