Set the Vision and Create the Strategy

When we work with you, we seek answers to a number of questions, to understand your offering and vision for that offering.

  • What is your genius?
  • What makes your offering unique?
  • How do you get your offering out into the market?
  • What marketing options are available to you?
  • What experiments can you perform to prove your ideas?
  • And what learning comes from these experiments that can be applied to your progress?
  • How do you best manage your efforts?
  • Where must only you lead?
  • Where can you delegate?
  • What marks your progress and achievement(s)?

These are questions we help you answer. And we help you to identify other questions that need your attention when preparing a plan for the future of your business that matches your vision for the business. We believe that every business owner or leader has a particular gem of genius that can be developed.

At Coridium we help you to find this vision and develop the strategy to deliver it.

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